Paint your wall in brown color if you want your living room to have a sophisticated look. However, make sure that you pick the proper furniture color to blend with your brown colored walls.


Brown signifies stability and security. Light tan, beige and subdued mocha are the recommended shades of brown to be used for a living room. Reserve the bolder shades for your accentuation and decorations. Dark shades of brown will make your room look smaller; hence, it should not be used if your space is limited.

The space, proportion and placement of furniture must be taken into account when designing a living room with brown-colored walls to achieve harmony.

Create contrast by putting a green wallpaper if your walls were painted in brown. The combination of these two colors is nice and pleasing to the eyes. Have wooden furniture to go with this blend of colors.

Choose lighter shades of brown for your furniture if the wall was painted in dark brown. Remember, though, not to have big brown furniture for walls that are painted in dark brown. This can affect the equilibrium of your living room.

Sofas, shelves, coffee table and media stands or center must be in the same shade.

Brown walls will blend well with teal or greenish-blue colored furniture. Choose unfinished furniture and paint it in greenish-blue. Do the painting yourself and have greenish-blue cushions. Throw pillows must be in solid teal or brown color.

You can likewise have white furniture for your brown walls. White is a neutral color and can be paired with other colors.

Clear acrylic and chrome chairs will also harmonize with the brown walls of your living room.

Have your table lamp in a neutral color like beige, white or cream.

Get drapes or curtains in brown, blue stripes or prints. Cream-colored curtains are also a perfect choice.

Use your creativity with your decorations to go with your brown-colored living room. Choose from the three tones of brown: dark, medium and light tones. Your big furniture must have a principal color. Apply the colors for your accessories that can range from photo frames, wall posters, paintings, throw pillows, vases, jars, rugs, etc.

Choose two styles of patterns for your decorations. For instance, you can have solid hues for your photo frames and jars while your rugs or table runners can have loop outlines. The patterns will catch the attention of your guests so they do not just concentrate on the solid hues of brown.

Lastly, blend the creamy tone of brown with various shades of blue such as teal or aqua. This will make your living room lovelier and superb.

Dare to change the colors of your living room walls. Boredom can seep in if the color has been the same for ages. Modern and contemporary furniture offers numerous designs, styles and patterns that can easily match the brown color of your living room. Fabrics are also available in various colors. Check the internet for more choices of furniture. Online furniture stores are your best source these days for buying furniture.