20 Beautiful Dining Rooms With Velvet Chairs

When you add something velvet to space, it looks luxurious and elegant. It would appear very special which velvet signifies. But velvet is a kind of fabric that is expensive because of its softness and the regal look it gives. Most of the time, velvet is used as upholstery for furniture. This time, we are going to show you dining spaces with velvet chairs.


We have collated 20 velvet dining chairs that are beautifully positioned in dining rooms. With the photos below, you will get ideas on how a dining rooms would look like when velvet dining chairs are added to it. After seeing the list, you might even think of getting one for your own home. Come and take a look!

1. House of Joy

These purple velvet dining chairs are super cute that it looks lovely in this dining rooms.

2. Mulberry Suite, Bayview House

A combination of purple and black chairs with that pretty centerpiece- what more would you ask for?

3. Modern White Kitchen

Another dining area with purple velvet dining chairs. The rest of the room has matching colors to this one.

4. Elegant Dining Room

Aside from the chairs, I like the buffet lamps here and the lighting too.

5. Spring Parade of Homes

I find the rings at the back of the chairs interesting!


6. Atherton, CA New Home Construction

Gold velvet dining chairs in a blue room, totally nailed it!

7. Gristmill Residence

Adding a floral end chair to white velvet dining chairs gave some pop of creativity to space.

8. Shakúff

The chairs are lovely as well as the lighting ornaments. I know you’d agree with me!

9. Oakwood Court, Holland Park, London

Note the transparent legs of the dining chairs with velvet upholstery, it sure added appeal to the dining room with a creative dining table base.

10. Other Spaces

Avocado green velvet dining chairs! Oh, how stunning these are!


11. Elegantly Warm Montgomery County Home

The squar-ish dining chairs are perfect for this contemporary dining room.

12. Wild side

Obviously, it is the chairs that made this dining area look grand and stunning!

13. Park House

I do love the damask wallpapers, especially that its color matched the dining chairs.

14. York Hill Home Calgary

A transitional dining room with purple velvet tufted dining chairs around a circular table.

15. Decor NYC Weekly Design Discovery

High seat backs with funky curved shapes grace this dining area.


16. Home in Dun Laoghaire

You can also use velvet chairs of two different colors for a more creative vibe.

17. Bayside House

A dining space with simple colors but an inviting appeal.

18. Chelsea Townhouse

You can see a pretty fusion of modern and traditional furniture in this space.

19. Tamara Mack Design – Staging Projects

A traditional dining space with modern furniture design and upholstered dining chairs in velvet.

20. London apartment, Hampstead

Isn’t this dining room with black and white colors and pops of red astounding? Well, it sure is.

It sure is beautiful indeed! Aside from its regal appeal, the velvet dining chairs look amazing in whatever color it is used. And even without touching it, you can sense the softness of the fabric. I know you will agree with me because that is really the unique feature and characteristic of velvet! Wherever you add them, it will surely be given a touch of royalty!